About Forks United Church of Christ

Forks United Church of Christ in Stockertown, PA has been a prominent fixture on Sullivan Trail at the edge of Forks Township for over 250 years. We carry on the traditions of the faithful who founded this church in 1812.
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Our Mission Statement is very simple:  

God calls and empowers us to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of all people, through our gifts of love, support and compassion revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The United Church of Christ has a vision of a just world for all. In this world all are welcomed, everyone is loved and justice is inherent. The 3 Great Loves is the denomination’s opportunity to express how our Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation work together to address the inequities in our current world. 

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church to join faith and action.  With over 5,000 churches and nearly one million members across the U.S., the UCC serves God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world.  The UCC is a church of firsts, a church of extravagant welcome, and a church where "…they may all be one" (John 17:21).

Our Team

Bob Gutekunst

Pastor Bob has been with us for over 6 years and counting! He is father, husband and twin brother, as well as a talented musician/singer. Pastor Bob loves working with the young (and young at heart) and his Children's Messages are known to be fun, yet thought-provoking. 

Bob was called to full-time pastoral service; he has a heart for serving God, helping others, and making everyone feel welcome at Forks UCC.

His email is pastorbob@forkschurch-ucc.org.

Cheryl Hahn

Cheryl is our Officer Manager, handling all of the administrative and financial tasks to run our church. She has been in this position for nearly 30 years, and served as Music Director too for 49 years until retiring from that role in 2013. Cheryl was baptized in this church and has worshipped here for 65 years.

Her email is cherylh@forkschurch-ucc.org.

Anthony Newett

Anthony is our Director of Music, serving all of our musical needs for worship, including music selection, and playing pipe organ, piano and guitar. He also directs our choirs (vocal and bell).

Anthony began his professional career more than 30 years ago in his hometown of South Philadelphia, where he became affectionately known as “Ant”. In addition to music ministry, Ant owns and operates a production studio in which he composes and produces music for national radio broadcasts. 

Anthony and his daughter, Aria have found their home in the Lehigh Valley, enjoying a wonderful life in a newly-blended family of five.


His email is arnewett@gmail.com.

Frank Mengel, Jr.

Frank has been a member of Forks UCC for over 73 years, and he has been tending to our outside property for over 37 years. If  you see Frank mowing or tending the gardens, beep as you drive by - he'll wave back.

Loretta Seruga

Loretta has been the church housekeeper at Forks UCC for over 15 years. While most folks don't ever see her (because she works during our off-hours), everyone sees the results of her care for God's house. 

Our Proud History

History of the Forks United Church of Christ (Provided by Jim Martin)

Among the Germans who emigrated in the 1730s and 1740s was a man named Stocker, for whom the neighboring town is named. Stocker's farm, the original place church congregants worshiped, still stands today on the south side of the Memorial House next to the church.

The first church in 1812 was constructed for $2,684. In the 1850s, the interior was remodeled. On one Sunday of each month, services were held in the German language since many congregants were German settlers.

Over the years, several renovations have modernized the building. In 1912, the church underwent an extensive remodel and was redone to its present state today. In a split decision on whether to spend funds to remodel the church, at least half the membership left as a way to voice their disapproval. The renovations went on, lowering the ceiling, adding on a Sunday school, constructing an organ and installing radiators. In the 1950s, bathrooms, a kitchen and more Sunday school classrooms were added. By 1981, the church renovated its sanctuary, holding a service of dedication that March.

During the anniversary year, many events took place to mark the Bicentennial Anniversary. Our Historical Records are maintained and kept track of by Jacob E. Allen, Amy Knitter & Lois Steward. Most of our older records are kept at the The Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society in Lancaster.